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Neighbourhood Plan

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The Application

An application was made on 17th July 2018 by Crosthwaite and Lyth Parish Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Area under Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Click HERE to view the Neighbourhood Plan Notification Poster

The designated Neighbourhood Area is the entire Parish of Crosthwaite & Lyth.

If you want to know more about what a Neighbourhood Plan is click HERE.
If you want to see what the key stages are in the preparation of a Plan click HERE.


Village Consultation Meetings

An open meeting was held on 5th September 2018 in Argles Memorial Hall at 7:30pm to which all residents of the Parish of Crosthwaite & Lyth were invited. The Agenda and a Summary of the meeting will be posted soon.

[ Agenda and Summary of 5th Sept - awaited]

At this meeting a motion was tabled and passed, by show of hands, in favour of progressing with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Following the Village meeting of 5th September 2018 the Parish Council established a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Reporting to the Parish Council the mission of this Steering Group will be posted soon.

The Steering Group comprises;

Simon Johnson (Chair)
Dorothy Grace
Henk Muller 
Steve Rowlinson
Robert Sykes 


The Steering Group can be contacted.


Steering Group Meeting 17th September 2018 - Click HERE to download the minutes of the First meeting.

Steering Group Meeting 10th October 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 2


Additional information regarding the Neighbourhood Plan will be posted here as and when it arises.