Families of the Lyth Valley

Canny Dale

A small farm of 8 acres built for Thomas Moon (date stone T M 1857)


1859April 6th Will of Peter Moon leaving cottage erected on the Dales to his wife Ann and Daughter Ann then to Thomas Moon (son)
1870August 5th Thomas Moon died
1870November 17th will of Thomas Moon proved his wife Ellen andc cousin Thomas Moon were executors
1880June 28th Ellen Moon died
1881(census) James Wilkinson tenant
1894Conveyance of Canny Dale to William Moon
1901(census) John Jackson 42 yrs agricultural labourer his wife Jane 34 yrs daughter Edith 6yrs and daughter Evelyn 5mth
1906William Moon sold to F A Argles. Mr Argles owned the surrounding land and farms
1906October 6th E Moon tenant writes a letter to say that she will give vacant possession in 5 weeks
1910Frank Berry and his family became tenants. Frank being employed by Mr Argles as maintenance man for his estate
1991Sold by Mr Argles to Leslie and Ann Park who were about to retire from farming at Rusmickle