Families of the Lyth Valley

Dawson Fold

Dawson Fold


Wilson 1703
Wilson 1706
Dickinson 1746
Dickinson 1756
Dickinson 1764
Dickinson 1792
Dickinson 1795
Dickinson 1799


Dawson 1633
Harrison 1637
Wilson 1699
Dickinson 1735
Dickinson 1737
Dickinson 1738
Dickinson 1741
Dickinson 1743
Dickinson 1746
Dickinson 1766
Dickinson 1769

Dawson Fold Tenants and Owners

1600Dawson Family farming Dawson Fold (1535 or before)
1655Knipe Family occupants
1669William Knipe Dawson Fold allocated seat in chappell
1680Richard Frankland had an Academy at Dawson Fold
1715Agnes Dawson (infant) burial Heversham Church
1718Chris Dawson Yeoman Farmer
1720Dawson fold conveyed by Roland Hewartson to John Pearson
1729John Dickinson purchased Dawson Fold £860-7-6
1729Kiln How 2 acres purchased from Tobias Atkinson £44-7-6
1729Richard Docker tenant farmer
1734John Dickinson gave Dawson Fold to his son Daniel (Robert Dickinson son of Daniel married Elizabeth Turner)
178514th Feb Robert Dickinson purchased dwelling house barn cow shed stable orchard garden and 1 acre of land the property of Richard Noble for £47-10-0 (Dwelling in the Row )
1795Robert Dickinson died aged 60 ( Mathew Walling willed £350)
1815Heversham Award John Dickinson received 4 plots of land 560 Low common allotment 643 Land between the river Gilpin and the main drainage ditch 596 Moss end with Peat Moss and 727 an Allotment at Hubbersty Crosthwaite
1834Kendal Records office John Dickinson sold Lime to Richard Cragg for £2-17-6
1851Census Daniel Dickinson Farming 115 acres
1860D and W Dickinson won 1st prize with a shorthorn bull at Crosthwaite Show
1861Census Daniel Dickinson Farmer
1867Pulled down part of Dawson Fold and built New House
1869Kendal Mercury April 10th Daniel Dickinson foreman of Jury, Kendal court
1871Census Daniel Dickinson farmer
1875Westmorland Gazette Buyer wishes to purchase Damsons at 6 shillings and sixpence to seven shillings per score
1879Mathew Walling received a letter from Mr Dickinson asking if he was interested in taking the tenancy of Dawson Fold Farm
1880April 27th Sale of Shorthorn cattle and sheep at Dawson Fold
1880Mathew Walling with his son William aged 13 became tenants
1881Census Mathew Walling farmer
1881Census William Dickinson occupier of the new house
1884Westmorland Gazette advert APRIL 30th Sale of effects for William Dickinson (deceased)
1884Dickinson family left Dawson Fold to Arthur Hoggarth who had family connections with Dickinsons
1886Westmorland Gazette report William Walling of Dawson Fold won a ploughing match at Beetham Hall
1889Westmorland Gazette advert sale of cottage garden barn shippon and parrock occupied by Mrs Inman for the estate of the late William Dickinson of Dawson Fold. Also 2 fields Nancy Ridding and Hanah Ridding tenanted by Mathew Walling
1890Mathew Walling won second prize in a ploughing match at Park House Farm
1891Census Mathew Walling Farmer aged 50
1900William Walling farming Dawson Fold . He had married Hanah Trotter daughter of James Trotter South Low farm (his second wife) They had four sons William Mathew James and George
1920sSam Strickland planted a three acre orchard mostly apples for Major L S Hoggarth (1914 -18) he had taken over the Dawson Fold estate from his father Arthur
1924Mathew Walling died aged 83
1930Arthur Hoggarth died
1941George Walling married Annie Kitching they had two daughters Nancy and Christine and farmed Dawson Fold in partnership with his brother James
1946Partnership between George Walling and James dissolved James went to farm Mislet Nr Windermere
196226th December Major L S Hoggarth died aged 82
196626th April George Walling sold his dairy herd 42 cows
196823rd August Combining Barley at Dawson Fold
19715th February Annie Walling died aged 60
1970sGeorge Walling had new bungalow built at Dawson Fold
19714th July Isabella Hoggarth aged 72 wife of Major L S Hoggarth died estate valued £17,217 – 37 leaving Dawson Fold Farm to Mrs Barr
1970sRoy and Eileen Bainbridge occupied the farm house
1970sGordon Pitt purchased the New house at Dawson Fold from Mrs Barr for £11000
197510th March Nancy Walling died aged 32
1980George Walling purchased Dawson Fold farm with 85 acres
1981Spring George Walling had stock sale Beef Cattle and Sheep
1982Low common allotment (part of Dawson Fold) 8 acres purchased by J H Trotter for £16,000
1985April 2nd George Walling died aged 74 estate valued £i44,000 George was a pioneer of farm shops selling large quantities of fruit and vegetables mostly Damsons and Potatoes. He was also a successful mangold grower selling truck loads every Spring for sheep feed
1985Westmorland Gazette Advert for sale by private treaty Dawson Fold farm house for Christine Walling and sons purchased by Mr and Mrs Midgeley
1989Westmorland Gazette 31st July sale of 26 – 68 acres Part of Dawson Fold farm for Trustees G H Walling deceased purchased by Swinton Insurance for £62,000
200219th April above land sold to Mr Carter Black Bull Witherslack
2005Stephen Walling converted a barn to a dwelling