Families of the Lyth Valley


Grassgarth Farm
At one time there had been two separate farmsteads at Grassgarth


1669Mr James Hodgson from Grassgarth had a seating allocation in the Chapel 
1669Mr William Garnett Grassgarth (Girsgarth) was also allocated seating in the chapel
1841(census) Robert and Jane Philipson  
1841(census) James Lewis and family
1851(census) Peter Moon 
1851(census) David Lewis
1860(Kendal Mercury) advert Mr William Heaton will sell by auction cattle horses and implements at Girsgarth
1861(census) John Wood farming 35 acres
1869(Kendal Mercury ) report Richard Lewis of Lyth fined 5 shillings
1871Argles purchased from William Henry Wakefield
1931(Westmoreland Gazette) obituary report Mrs Edwards Grassgarth
1933(Westmoreland Gazette) report about a cockfight at Grassgarth Ben Edwards Lint Inman John Otway and Birketts were fined £3 each for taking part
1947Batten Edwards Grassgarth died
19632nd November sale of farming stock and equipment for Miss Daisy Edwards
1964William and Yvonne Sharp tenants
1971Leslie and Ann Park tenants Mr Ken Harrison and family lived in the farm house
1993Mr Denis Johnson purchased from the Argles the farmhouse buildings and adjoining land


Agnes Hodgson 1661
James Hodgson 1670
Son of Alice Preston 1690
Thomas Briggs 1718
Dorothy Robinson 1727
Jane Starnthwaite 1783


John Wilson 1711
Thomas Wilkinson 1759
Thomas Philipson 1766
Agnes Philipson 1769
John Moon 1771
Betty Moon 1774
James Moon 1779
William Moon 1784
Aggy Philipson 1787
Mally Moon 1788
Sally Philipson 1792
Thomas Philipson 1793
Stephen Philipson 1804
  Betty Bainbridge 1811
Jane Philipson 1812
Isabella Philipson 1812
Thomas Gibson 1812