Families of the Lyth Valley

Johnscales Farm

(and Valley View)
This farm was named after a gentleman John Scales.


William Wilson 1694
William Wilson 1697
Wilson 1699
Wilson 1700
Wilson 1703
Ellen Scales 1735
Mary Barrow 1756


John Thompson 1692
Edward Scales 1729
Agnes Dixon 1742

Johnscales - Tenants and Owners

1669Mr Hodgson allocated a seat in the Chapel (one of the earliest dates found)
1692Death of John Thompson of Johnscales
1694Baptism of William Wilson of Johnscales
1729Death of Edward Scales
1735Baptism of Ellen Scales
1760Abrahm Garnett tenant
1813(Lancaster Gazette) advert for sale 4 estates Johnscales, Grassgarth, Rusmickle and Flodder Hall. 373 acres property of John Robinson deceased tenanted by Robert Garnett, Robert Phillipson, John Atkinson and Robert Robinson.
1841(Census) William Dodd tenant
1850Prickett family farming Johnscales
1851(Census) James Prickett farming 150 acres 
1871Argles purchased Johnscales Farm from W H Wakefield
1881(Census) James Prickett farming 175 acres (5 servants)
1897Helsington, Levens and Lyth Ploughing and Hedging Associations held their competitions at Johnscales Farm (a man and a pair of horses could plough one acre per day and walk 11 miles)
1898M B Hodgson advert - 4 acres of potatoes for sale
1900For sale – 3 acres of oats and 4 acres of potatoes
1907James Prickett tenant
1908John J Wilson married Hannah Prickett, eldest daughter of James and Agnes Prickett, Johnscales
1918(Westmorland Gazette) reported the death of James Prickett of Johnscales aged 81
1919George Prickett farming Johnscales
1919(Westmorland Gazette) M B Hodgson sale of farm stock for the late James Prickett
1931Stock sale for George Prickett
1931Stott family took tenancy of Johnscales (John Stott died on the boon day)
1934Sale for John Stott 
1937Another sale for John Stott
1937Johnscales Farm to let. 170 acres, apply Cecil Argles
1937(Westmorland Gazette) report of boon day for George Machell who was taking over the tenancy of Johnscales Farm (poor weather)
1950George Denney with his two sons, John and George, moved from Pennington to take over the tenancy of Johnscales
1983George Denney junior and wife Marjorie tenants (later became owners)
1993(8th January) George Denney died aged 57
1993(15th May) sale at Johnscales of 17 horses, 8 horse vehicles and 100 lots of tack. Horses sold, prices 500 guineas to 3500 guineas. A carriage made £3,500, a show trap harness £500 and a top hat £58.
2003(23rd April) in Underbarrow Village Hall, Kendal Auction Mart Company offered for sale 36.95 acres of meadowland, part of Johnscales Farm. Lot 1 bid to £28,000 (unsold), Lot 2 sold for £60,000 to Liz Clark.
2009(29th June) Michael Hodgson offered for sale in Town Hall, Kendal 2 fields, 21.83 acres, formerly part of Johnscales Farm sold for £104,000 to Parks of Low Sizergh.
2010Andrew Denney owner (runs an abattoir and meat processing business from Johnscales Farm).
2010Building at Johnscales Farm entrance used by Lune Valley Horse Boxes for repair and manufacture of horse transport.

Valley View

1980sThis property built by George Denney for use of farm staff
1999Richard and Hazel Holmes moved into Valley View