Families of the Lyth Valley

(North) Low Farm


Thomas Townson 1700
Agnes Wilson 1708
Thomas Wilson 1724
Mary Wilson 1729
John Townson 1729
Margaret Townson 1730
James Townson 1734
William Townson 1745
Thomas Townson 1749
William Prickett 1768
Jane Hewertson 1772
John Wilson 1789
Leonard Townson 1790
Ellen Wilson 1794
James Dacre 1797


Thomas Dixon 1742
Anthony Prickett 1764
Ann Prickett 1764
Mary Prickett 1769
Mally Townson 1773
Betsy Wilson 1796
Mary Wilson 1797
Bella Bennett 1798
Jane Wilson 1801
George Bennett 1803

Johnscales - Tenants and Owners

1669Seat in Crosthwaite Chapel allocated to the widow of Mr Wilson Low Farm
1840John Wilson farming Low Farm
1841(census) James Halhead farmer
184520th July Sale of Low Farm 65 acres for Mr John Wilson deceased (no sale)
1851(census) Thomas Park farming 30 acres
1881(census) Thomas Park farmer
192629th May Argles Estate sale, Low Farm 73 acres tenant Mr G H Park rent £147 per annum sold for £2,800 to W H Wakefield
1930(Westmorland Gazette advert) sale of Low Farm for W H Wakefield by private treaty
1943John Hornby and family moved to Levens, (had been living in part of Low Farm house)
1946Herbert Park tenant farmer of Low Farm died
194626th August Michael C L Hodgson sold Low Farm to Miss Dennison for £3,785
1947William Wilson (son of Thomas Wilson of Flodder Hall farm) and his wife Gillian took the tenancy of Low Farm. They had one daughter Pauline and two sons Richard and David
19676th June William Wilson married Frances Scott. They had one daughter Ann
20015th April Frances Wilson died
20026th February William Wilson died
200220th April Sale of farm implements at Low Farm for executors of William Wilson
20036th December sale at Low Farm of gifted furniture proceeds for the benefit of Crosthwaite Memorial Hall funds
2012Ann Wilson owner occupier of Low Farm