Families of the Lyth Valley

The Plough Inn (Lyth Valley Hotel)

A Drovers' Inn in the 19th Century

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Plough Inn

The Plough Inn and the Park Family

Lyth Valley Hotel

View of the area aroiund the Lyth Valley Hotel


1841 CensusBrian Bell Innkeeper
1851 CensusRichard Wood Innkeeper with 12 acres
1861 CensusWilliam Pattinson, Victular
01/10/68Westmorland Gazette advert “to let Plough Inn with 16 acres”. Mr Daker Taylor will show. Richard Docker, Underbarrow, Owner
Mr Daker Taylor will show. Richard Docker, Underbarrow, Owner
1878Westmorland Gazette advert “M B Hodgson for sale 4 cattle, 1 sow, tools and furniture for George Moss”
01/02/78To let, Plough Inn with 18 acres
1881 CensusGeorge Hayton, Innkeeper, wife Mary and sons William & Edward
02/02/89Westmorland Gazette advert “to let, Plough Inn with 17 acres now in the occupation of Mr Anthony Downham”
1895 KellysRobert Park, Innkeeper
1901 CensusGeorge Park, Innkeeper
10/05/02Westmorland Gazette advert “M B Hodgson for sale, Plough Inn with 10 acres – Mr Park Tenant”
03/02/17Westmorland Gazette advert “Sale at Plough Inn of Virginia Cottage (The Row) and surplus larch tree tops”
1920Frank Park, Innkeeper
01/10/23Westmorland Gazette advert “Hunt Ball to be held in Plough Inn barn.
Inmans of Draw Well will provide the music”
1923Mr Tolson purchased Plough Inn and land for £800 and spent £300 on repairs
1926Westmorland Gazette report “a meeting of the compensation board tried to close the Inn down”.
1927Tolsons moved the Inn to a barn on the opposite side of the road. The old inn was demolished for road widening.
01/03/37The Inn was destroyed by fire – the Tolsons escaped unhurt.
1937Westmorland Gazette reported that Mr Tolson was too old to be an Innkeeper at 84.
1938New purpose built hotel erected and the Plough Inn became known as the Lyth Valley Hotel.
1938New owner, Mrs Ashcroft, who also owned the Levens Hotel (Brettargh Holt). The cutlery at the Lyth Valley Hotel for a few years had Levens Hotel engraved on it. Miss Nicholl was Manager and Robert Park was barman. There were several owners after Mrs Ashcroft, including Peter Brown, Harrimans, Mr McCrawrey and Mr Isherwood.
1974Mr & Mrs Doodson purchased Lyth Valley Hotel.  
15/04/81Pat Doodson’s funeral (wife of George)
2012George Doodson owner