Families of the Lyth Valley

Ravens Lodge


1841Census - William and Sarah Shaw occupants
1851Census - William Shaw agricultural labourer
1881Census - Johnathan Shepherd
1901Census - Roger Wilson tenant farmer
1906Kellys Register Roger Wilson tenant farmer
1911Westmorland Gazette advert October 12th for sale for Roger Wilson 15 cattle 26 sheep and 4 horses
1925Thomas Robinson tenant farmer
1929Edward Mallinson tenant f armer
1959Bryan Mallinson tenant farmer
1993Peter and Jean Mallinson farmers and owners

Stakes Moss

At one time owned by William Ellison and on the 1899 OS map named
East Plain other names for this property Moss House and Stakiness House
1841Census - Moss House; John Eccles faming 28acres
1851Census - Stakiness House; John Eccles farmer
1861Joseph Hoggarth farming 22acres
1871Robert Wilkinson farming 29 acres
1880Mathew Wilkinson farmer
1890Dobson family farming Stakes Moss
1901Census - John Dobson farmer
1920Mr Parkinson tenant (cowman at Foulshaw)
1935Levens Churchyard Robert Mallinson of Stakes Moss
1937Levens Churchyard Mary Jane Mallinson of Stakes Moss
1946Tom Park tenant
1953 - 1959Bryan Mallinson tenant
1959 - 1979Edward Mallinson occupier left Empty whilst renovations took place
1981- 1993Peter and Jean Mallinson occupants
1993Mrs Bryan Mallinson occupier