Families of the Lyth Valley

Rawsons Farm

Farm named after the Rawson family who were owners in the 1600s.


1652William Rawson conveyed to his son James Rawsons Farm
1700William Rawson of Calverley, York, released to Richard Prickett of Beathwaite Green
1707Chris Prickett farmer
1750Atkinson family inhabitants
1752Alice Atkinson baptism
1754Margaret Atkinson baptism
1769James Harrison baptism
1789Margaret Smith baptism
1803Margaret Benson
1829Robert Benson occupier
1830Owned by Robert Harrison and he left it to Mr Ellison
1835(Westmorland Gazette advert – 18th February) sale of 6 stacks of hay apply William Ellison, Sizergh
1841Thomas Ireland occupier
1849(Kendal Mercury advert) to let Rawsons Farm, 80 acres, apply William Ellison, Sizergh
1851(Census) John Dixon farming 30 acres
1856Thomas Coward kicked by a horse – fatally wounded
1857William Ellison, owner occupier
1885Richard Garnett occupier
1907James Garnett
1908Edward Scott tenant
1930W Scott tenant
1930(Westmorland Gazette advert) Rawsons Farm to let, 88.5 acres
1934Miles Batty occupier
1930sThomas Halhead tenant farmer
1963Trevor Farrer occupier
1982Ron MacKinley farming 30 acres
1990Sold by the Farrer estate – 7.75 acres, house and buildings £140,000 to Mr Willacy, 20 acres £28,500 to Mr Whitton