Families of the Lyth Valley


(Meaning brown wood)

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Rusmickle from the air

Originally it was two farms. Evidence of a ruined farmhouse can still be seen.


Wilson 1703
Agnes Garnett 1667
Marian Garnett 1674
William Garnett 1683
Margaret Garnett 1706
Ann Moon 1719
William Garnett 1727
Child of John Moon 1757
Child of John Moon 1758
Tobias Moon 1759
William Moon 1773
James Moon 1795
John Moon 1801
Elizabeth Moon 1805
Thomas Atkinson 1812


Garnett 1708
John Halhead 1728
James Halhead 1729
Ann Mohun 1733
William Prickett 1733
Isabel and Ellen Moon 1738
James Moon 1739
George Prickett 1739
Dorothy Prickett 1742
Richard Prickett 1745
Elizabeth Moon 1744
William Mashiter 1749
Jane Moon 1747
Richard Mashiter 1749
John Moon 1749
Susana Moon 1752
Agnes and Jane Cowperthwaite 1754
Ann Moon 1754
Roger Cowperthwaite 1756
James Garth 1758
Tobias Moon 1759
William Moon 1760
Mabel Garth 1761

Rusmickle - Tenants

1669Allocated in the Chapel a seat on the third form for Henry Moon of Rusmickle
1669Allocated in the Chapel a seat on the first form for William Garnett
1684William Garnett buried at Crosthwaite
1769John Moon owner of Rusmickle, 17 acres
1838John Moon died leaving his estate to Peter Moon
1841(Census) Peter Moon, 55, wife Anne, 3 family and 2 servants
1854(Kendal Mercury) Rusmickle 92 acres to let, the owner Peter Moon will show
1859Peter Moon died
1861(Census) Robert Phillipson tenant farmer
1876(Westmorland Gazette) Rusmickle Farm to let, 91 acres, apply John Moon, Park Road, Milnthorpe
1879John Moon conveyed Rusmickle Farm, 99 acres, to Frank Atkinson Argles for the sum of £6,200
1881(Census) James Hoggarth tenant, farming 79 acres
1891(Census) James Inman (age 24) tenant, wife Rebecca (age 19), Sarah (3 months) and Sarah Inman (James’s mother aged 63)
1897(Kellys) James Inman tenant farmer
1906(Kellys) Edward Wilson tenant farmer
1910William Fox tenant farmer
1914Sale of 35 cattle and implements for William Fox
1919(Westmorland Gazette) Rusmickle Farm to let, 45 acres plus 21 acres on Levens Moss
1920(M B Hodgson) 24 head of cattle for sale for R Mallinson
1930Nathan Mason tenant farmer
1948William Brennand tenant farmer
1957Lesley and Anne Park tenants
1992Lesley and Anne Park sold dairy herd
1993Lesley and Anne Park sold implements, sheep and cattle
1993Argles sold to William Sharp farmhouse, buildings and 97 acres, 7 acres at Levens to Mr Edmondson, 23.5 acres to P V Dobson and 3 acres to J H Trotter