Families of the Lyth Valley

Houses and Farms on the Howe


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Howe Map

Howe Lodge

The present house, built in the 1800s, replaced an older one.

1844William Braithwaite re-roofed a building used for storage.
1871Mary Braithwaite farming 15 acres (Census)
1881William Wilkinson, farmer and gamekeeper (Census)
1874Sold by Exors of Thomas Braithwaite – purchased by Rev. Canon Argles for £1,700.
1914John Jackson, tenant farmer.
1926John Jackson - sale of farming stock.
1926Sold by the Argles family – purchased by Hartley Trotter Senior for £1,250.
1926 to 1960Hartley Trotter Junior tenant farmer.
1960 to 1965John Hartley Trotter tenant farmer.
1965John Hartley Trotter became owner (re. will of Hartley Trotter Senior).
2010Tenants Gary and Mandy Parsons.

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Howe Lodge Barn

Howe Lodge Barn was converted in 2000 from a bank barn which was originally built in the early 1800s.
Owner 2010 John Hartley Trotter.
Tenants 2010 – Phil and Tessa Jefferson.

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It was built in1969 for J H Trotter as a retirement home for V M Trotter. Violet Trotter spent some years in a care home in Kendal before she died on the 23rd June 1997. The property was then used as a holiday home, let through Country Holidays, up until 2006. The bungalow was then extended and Hartley and Margaret Trotter made it their retirement home, moving into the bungalow on 20th December 2007.

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High Barn

Converted by Mr Black from a bank barn, the barn had been built early 1800s and was used by Howe Farm tenants for cattle and fodder housing.

Crosthwaite Church, the owners, were granted planning permission to Convert the barn to a single dwelling that at the time was a semi derelict barn. It was sold by auction in The Town Hall, Kendal 10th July 2000 and fetched £161,000. After completing the conversion Mr Black lived in it for about six months before selling to Mr Brian Anderson who had the garden landscaped, a double garage built, the outbuildings made into a granny flat and the drive surfaced with patterned concrete.

The present owners Mr and Mrs Jim Mitchell purchased High Barn January 2006.

Howe Cottage

Pre 21st February 1903Mr Richard Prickett owner
From 21st February 1903Mr William Prickett owner
1940sFrank Looker tenant
From 30th November 1949Mrs Laura Agnes Park owner
1950Alan Nelson tenant
From 24th June 1952Miss Young owner
From 11th June 1956Mrs Sheila Margaret Bigham owner
From 27th November 1983Mrs Jennifer Elliot and Mr Michael Bigham joint owners
From 23rd May 1983Mr Michael Bigham owner
From mid 1990Mr Michael and Mrs Christine Bigham tenants in common.

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Howe Farm

1825The sale of Howe Farm was advertised and Thos Whitwell, the tenant "will show the property which has a nearly new barn". The barn was constructed in about 1820.
1835"Howe Farm To Let" - house, buildings, 2.5 acres of pasture, plus 58 acres of arable.
1841Matthew Walling was tenant farmer until 1871
1888Sale of farming stock for Mrs M. Walling
1890John Walling tenant farmer
1901Stricklands farming at Howe Farm
1914William Strickland tenant farmer
1925Sale of farming stock for J & M Strickland
1926John Airey tenant farming 62 acres rent £110 p.a.
1926Sale of Howe Farm for the Argles family – not sold – later sold to Major L S Hoggarth
1930William Walling tenant farmer
1946James Walling moved to Mislet Farm, Windermere He was William Wallings son
1950Hannah Walling died aged 78
1955William Walling died aged 87
1955Sale of furniture for William Walling deceased
1957Les and Ann Park moved from Howe Farm House to Rusmickle Farm, Leslie Park having been farm servant for  the Wallings
1965Mr & Mrs Hallas moved from Howe Farm House to Crosthwaite. Reg Hallas had been employed as a farm worker by George Walling
1970Mr & Mrs Bainbridge tenants
Roy Bainbridge their son worked at Howe Farm and Dawson Fold
1985Sold by Crosthwaite Church to Mr & Mrs Somerville for £70,000 Mrs Somerville sold to Michael Naminsky
2010Stephen Walling from Dawson Fold tenant of Howe Farm land which is owned by Crosthwaite Church

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Low Howe Farm

1815 to 1949Owned by the Prickett Family
1851James Strickland farming 10 acres
1920sMr and Mrs Greaves Tenants (market gardening)
1930sMr and Mrs Rockliffe Tenants (farmer stonemason)
1949Purchased by Mrs Laura Park from the Pricketts
1950Mr and Mrs Plumber Tenants 
1953 to 1959Mr and Mrs Alan Nelson Tenants (farmer Builder)
1959 to 1982Mrs Laura Park Owner Occupier
1982Purchased by Mrs L Smith who sold the House with adjoining Barn and small orchard to Mr Mike Whelan. He converted the barn and cow sheds into a Holiday Flat and then sold the estate to Mr and Mrs Beaton

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Built 1974 for Mr and Mrs Chris Smith

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Built 1969 for Mr and Mrs Colin Park

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A bungalow built in 1964 for Dr Knowles and Miss Whitaker on land that had been part of Cragg Farm.

Miss Whitaker died in 1968 and the property was then purchased by Mr and Mrs Stubbs who had an interest in Accrington Brush Company. Mr and Mrs Eric Smith were the next owners before selling to Mr and Mrs Rob Pemberton.

The Pembertons added an ensuite bedroom to the bungalow, changed the garage to a garden room before having a new double garage built. Rob Pemberton was involved in the manufacture of meat products. When the Pembertons moved to Spain Mr and Mrs Armstrong purchased the Bungalow but only used it as a weekend retreat.

The present owners are Mr and Mrs Baker.

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Howe Fell Cottage. Also known as Howe Cottage and School House

1863Mr Kemp occupied the cottage
1900The Argles family owned the property
1900sMr and Mrs Looker Tenants ( tile drainage expert)
1926Mr Charles Looker Tenant Rent £7 
1940Miss Mary Davidson (lodger - schoolteacher)
1949Mr Edward ( Ted ) Looker purchased from the Argles
1954Mr Charles Looker died
1960Cottage let for holidays
1963Purchased by Mr and Mrs Cuff £2,500
1972Purchased by Mr and Mrs Brian Priestley £10,250
1978Purchased by Mr John Doodson £30,000
2008Mr John Doodson died
2010Cottage bid to £370,000 at auction in the Lyth Valley Hotel. Not sold

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Howe School

1870 Frank Atkinson Argles gave the land to build Howe School which had to be capable of seating 30 – 40 Pupils
1871Advertising for a headmistress
1872Miss Jane Firther appointed headmistress salary £35
1873Miss Margaret Park headmistress salary £40
1879Miss Harriet Maurey headmistress
1882Miss Mary Cranshaw headmistress
1883Miss Esther Morgan headmistress to be followed by Miss Isabella Metcalf and Miss Cornthwaite
1888Miss Emma Stone salary £80
1894Miss Newson who was asked to resign
1900Mr Mark Hatfield salary £60 (the only male teacher) He was followed by Miss Agnes Jackson Miss Ellen Clark and Miss Jane Wood (sewing mistress)
1902The school was running at a loss resulting in the threatened closure and sending the Pupils to Crosthwaite School
1906There was no appointed teacher; Miss Crawford teaching on a temporary basis 31 children
1907Miss Bertha Coles salary £65 teaching 38 children
1907School dental service started
1908School optician service started
1911Miss Kate Abrahms teaching 16 children
1911School leaving age increased from 12 to 13
1915The School was closed for 6 weeks due to a measles epidemic. Also coughing sickness croup chickenpox and.ringworm were also affecting the pupils
1917School closed again due to an outbreak of Scarlet fever
1918School leaving age increased from 13 to 14
1919Miss Hariet Wolfe became headmistress
1919Influenza at epidemic level in the school
1923Miss Mildred Hallam headmistress
1925Miss Binns headmistress and Miss Carson her assistant
1926 and 1936The school suffered measles outbreaks
1933Free school milk for the pupils was started
1933Miss Agnes Whitwell headmistress resigned but Howe School continued
1935Miss Mary Davidson appointed as headmistress and remained as teacher until the schools closure 1946 when the 7 children were transported by taxi to Crosthwaite School
1936School leaving age raised from 14 to 15 due to start 1939
1938Scarlet Fever was a recorded illness in the school
1939School Pupil numbers doubled as a result of Evacuees arriving from Newcastle
1942Electricity was installed in the school
1949Dan and Vera Shepherd purchased the school buildings and surrounding woodland. They raised the roof on the school and converted it into a two storey dwelling
2001Mr Chris Smith was the successful purchaser paying £195,000 when the Property was auctioned in the Town Hall Kendal

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Barn Howe

Originally known as Parks Cottage and changed to Barn Howe by Mr Fred Thomas.

1851Thomas Cummings occupier 
(Westmorland Gazette) 
Sale of cottage with 2 acres occupier Thomas Cummings
1859 December 10th
(Kendal Mercury)
Report of a brutal assault at Lyth. Thomas Cummings beat James Strickland with a stake, both residents of The Howe.
(Westmorland Gazette)
Sale of cattle and effects for Mr Cummings
1880Jonathan Walling tenant. He left to farm at Fellside Farm
1926Argles sold to the Millburns for £425
1950’sMr & Mrs Robertson purchased the cottage. Mr Robertson had retired as Governor of Borneo
1960’sMr & Mrs Fred Thomas became the new owners. They left to live with their daughter, Nancy, in Jersey
1988Professor Idris & Kathleen Williams purchased Barn Howe

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Cragg Howe and Home Cottage

A small farm originally known as Cragg farm


Jane Briggs 1733
Jane Briggs 1734
Hannah Dickinson 1756


Thompson 1705

1733Report of death of Jane Briggs of the Cragg
(Westmorland Gazette)
Cragg Farm to let 18 acres
1840Mr Martindale tenant
1858James Maudsley tenant 30 acres
1867To let James Maudsley tenant owner Canon Argles
1871Mr Philipson tenant 27 acres
1899Sale of farming stock for Mr Philipson
1900Sale of farm produce
1908Mr R Strickland tenant
1914William Medcalf tenant rent £52
1926Sale of 14 cattle 2 horses poultry and potatoes
1926Sale of Cragg Farm with vacant possession for the Argles family but no bid received.
1927Sale of 2 carts 2 horses lorry and effects (rent arrears)
 The property was eventually purchased by Mr and Mrs Brooks.who developed a water worn rockery business removing large pieces of limestone from Whitbarrow and transporting them to Milnthorpe Station to be taken by rail to far away places.
1939At the outbreak of war Cragg Farm became the operating centre for machinery owned by the War Agriculture Commitee to be used for food production in the Lyth Valley and surrounding districts. 
 Mr and Mrs Coleman were the next owners they had the first TV on The Howe and invited locals to view the Royal Wedding.The Colemans were followed by Mr and Mrs Hope then Mr and Mrs Webster. Mr Webster was a writer who left the Cragg to pursue his ambition of becoming an MP. Mr and Mrs Whitaker then purchased the Cragg. They had retired from the cotton spinning industry and had the kitchen extension built.
1985Adrian and Penny Parr converted Cragg barn into a house for themselves naming it Home Cottage and have since made the stable into a flat for their daughter Victoria.
2009After the deaths of Mr and Mrs Whitaker the house was put up for auction in the Town Hall Kendal and sold to Tony and Heather Marshall in May 2009 for £530,000.They also purchased 5 .5 acres of grazing land for £18,000

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Built 25th April 1968 for James and Cuthbert Inman.
James died 11 November 1970 – Cuthbert died June 1978.
The bungalow was then willed to Grenville and Alice Howes. Grenville died January 2002.
Alice Howes still lives in the bungalow (2010).

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Whitbarrow Cottage

A stone built Cottage owned by the Landowners of Crosthwaite and Lyth with outbuildings and Damson orchard

William Braithwaite  occupier
1897ov 17th (Westmorland Gazette) Death of James Strickland who was living at Whitbarrow cottage.
1901Mathew Walling living at the cottage, his wife was formerly Mary Strickland of Whitbarrow Cottage.
(Westmorland Gazette)
R Strickland working in the quarries on Whitbarrow. At least two generations of the Strickland family lived at the Cottage. A George Moss, who was a Stonemason, was also a tenant of the Cottage. The Metcalf family were also tenants of the property in the 1940s. Robert, the son, worked at Ashes Farm, Staveley. Margaret Metcalf, the daughter, was house servant to Major and Mrs Hoggarth of Dawson Fold. Another daughter (Jinny)married James Walling of Dawson Fold and one married Mr Walker who was Licensee of the Hare and Hounds Bowland Bridge before moving to the Plough at Selside.
1950Mr and Mrs Frank Looker became tenants.
1996Mr and Mrs Mathew Park were chosen to be tenants.

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Draw Well


Frances Garnett 1661
Margaret Garnett 1667
Ellina Garnett 1692
Jane Varay 1724
Jane Fisher 1732
Robert Crossfield 1734
Mary Redhead 1734
John Dixon 1734
Hannah Kilner 1735
John Philipson 1756
Richard Inman 1812


Ann Garnett 1669
Robert Bell 1724
William Taylor 1744
Mary Huertson 1748
Chris Philipson 1757
Robert Noble 1758
Robert Philipson 1761
Ann Wright 1771
Betty Cloase 1775
Richard Inman 1811

1669John Garnett of Draw Well mentioned in seating arrangement in Chapel
1734Mary Redhead Burial
1758James Noble Burial
1800Richard Inmans parents farming 
1812Richard Inman Burial
1830Will of Robert Harrison late of Nether Levens states that he was the owner of Draw Well and Agnes Philipson had been the previous owner
1851John Inman farming 48 acres
1858Edward Inman farmer
1898Thomas Inman farmer
1900James Inman farmer
1916Sale of potatoes at Toll Bar Lyth for James Inman
1918Sale of Cattle Hay and Straw for James Inman
1926Argles Estate sale James Inman purchased Draw Well for £1,900. He had been paying £90 rent per annum for 49 acres
1968Sale of farming stock and furniture for Inman brothers
1969Sale of Draw Well farmhouse attached barn washhouse and two small orchards. Purchased by Mr and Mrs Arnold for £13,610. Dutch Barn piggery shippon and adjoining orchards purchased by Mr Peter Bracewell. 10 Acres Savin Hill Toll Bar purchased by Mr J H Trotter 16 Acres Savin Hill purchased by Mr Desmond Holmes 6 Acres Swan Nest field purchased by Mr Edgar Park 1.5 Acres Peat Moss purchased by a private buyer
1989The Arnolds sold Draw Well and attached barn (with planning) to Mrs Jenny Cartwright
1990Jenny Cartwright moved into the barn conversion (Inman Howe) selling Draw Well to Mr and Mrs Satchell. The Satchells sold to Peter and June Robinson and they sold to Alistaire and Penny Mutch who have had a garage and store built.
2001Jenny Cartwright sold the barn conversion to Mr and Mrs Keith Taylor. They have since had a single garage built

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Greenacre Barn

Originally a Dutch Barn used by the Inman Family of Draw Well to store hay. Converted to a house by Peter Bracewell in the 1970s, they also had two greenhouses erected which they used to root Leylandii Tree cuttings. The house and adjoining land with cottage was put on the market and sold to Mr and Mrs Thornley who sold it to Mr and Mrs Richardson who had part of the garage altered for use in their Photographic business. Mr and Mrs Bevan were the next owners and they had a new double garage built and sold the piggery building with planning permission to Mr Adrian Baker. He converted this building into a one bedroom flat naming it The Field Barn.

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Greenacre Barn Cottage

This property, belonging to Draw Well, was converted from a cowshed by Peter Bracewell in the 1970s. After living in the cottage for a short time the Bracewells sold it to Mr and Mrs Thornley who gave it to their daughter. The cottage was again put on the market in 1988 with offers over £99,500 and was purchased by Mr and Mrs Clements. Their son John Clements now owns the property and has it let to Mr and Mrs Franklin.

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Greenacre Bungalow

Built in the 1960s for Mr and Mrs Bracewell, on a field sold by Mrs Laura Park, the field had planning permission for a dwelling and was sold for £1,150 to the Bracewells. The Bungalow has had several owners since the Bracewells sold it to Mr and Mrs Ascough. They were followed by Mr and Mrs Lang then Mr and Mrs Barton and the present owners are Mr and Mrs Saul.

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