A true and perfect Inventory of the goods and chattels of Thomas Townson late of the Low in Lyth deceased as they were carefully prized by us John Knipe Thomas Atkinson John Leyfield and James Bell the thirteenth day of November 1700

(With will of Thomas Townson Lancashire Record Office Ref. WRW Thomas Townson 1700)

His wearing apparel woollen and linen 2‑15‑0
Two calves 1‑6‑8
A young heifer 1‑6‑8
Another heifer 1‑10‑0
Another heifer 1‑13‑4
Another heifer 1‑15‑0
Another heifer 2‑0‑0
Two cows 5‑5‑0
A cow and calf 3‑0‑0
A horse a mare and a colt 2‑16‑8
Fifteen sheep 2‑15‑0
For hay bigg (barley) and oats11‑10‑0
For hemp 0‑2‑6
*A deal odd things in house saddles girths etc 0‑3‑10
Peats and all turbary (turfs) 0‑15‑0
*Truss ropes a chest and all wood in kitchen loft 0‑8‑6
Two hackney saddles bridle and an old side saddle 0‑2‑6
*A kill and saler a load saddle and three wheels 0‑2‑4
All iron gear in kitchen loft and husbandry gear there 0‑6‑8
*A flesh tub baskets swills (flat baskets) and fork 0‑3‑6
A pair of racks 0‑3‑0
Bedding in maids chamber a chest and bedstocks (bedsteads)  0‑4‑0
Chaff bed bedding and curtains in chamber adjoining 0‑3‑6
Girdle (iron plate for baking) and brandreth (iron trivet) 0‑1‑6
Sacks and two cloths 0‑3‑0
A measure a chest and kneading tub 0‑6‑0
All the brass in the kitchen 1‑4‑0
All the wooden vessels there 0‑7‑0
Crook a chafing dish and tongs 0‑2‑0
Odd things in the kitchen 0‑0‑6
Husbandry gear in the roof loft 0‑4‑0
Wool and dressed hemp and swill  1‑3‑0
Sickles leys (scythes) and other odd things 0‑2‑0
Beds and bedding in the great loft 1‑9‑0
Sheets and table linen 1‑8‑0
Meal chest and meal that is in it 0‑10‑0
Saddle and pillion cloth 0‑7‑0
All apples and pears about the house 1‑0‑0
Chest and odd things pots and bottles in the great loft 0‑4‑0
*Sacks and table and boards and other odd things 0‑6‑0
Stands and barrels 0‑4‑6
All the earthen pots in the buttery 0‑4‑6
Wooden vessels there 0‑5‑0
All the pewter 1‑0‑0
Wood vessels in bodystead of house and chairs and cushions 0‑12‑6
*Remainder of the iron gear saws and tongs and picks 0‑8‑6
Cheeses 0‑3‑6
*Salt and calk 0‑2‑0
Iron gear on the sconce (shelf) cupboard and other things 0‑10‑6
*A pair of wrap cloths a basket and silver spoon 0‑10‑0
A gun 0‑5‑0
Poultry 0‑6‑8
Bracken 0‑0‑6
Manure 0‑0‑8
Garner (store) cupboards bedstocks and tables 1‑1‑0
In ready money at his death 5‑15‑0
Upon specialty and without (loaned out)20‑0‑0
In funeral expenses 6‑4‑2

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods chattels debts rights and credits movable and immovable whatsoever of Agnes Townson of Law in Lyth in the county of Westmorland widow deceased apprized and made by George Biggs of Cragg and Thomas Wilson of Law both in Lyth county of Westmorland yeomen the sixth day of May 1715
(With will of Agnes Townson Lancashire Record Office Ref. WRW Agnes Townson 1715)

Ready money  0‑4‑10
Her wearing apparel in woollen and linen  1‑18‑0
More wearing apparel  0‑16‑6
Her goods as a box  0‑1‑6
Bottles and pots and a pair of sheets  0‑6‑0
Yarn and other little things in her drawer in kitchen chamber  0‑0‑6
2 wisketts (baskets) or swills and a pair of new cloth  0‑1‑4
A brass pot and 3 pans  0‑14‑6
A brass spoon and a warming pan  0‑4‑4
A pair of tongs a smoothing iron and 2 heaters  0‑2‑10
Shredding knife a broiling iron flesh forks and a tin can etc in window  0‑1‑0
6 petty pans a dredging box (flour sifter) a pewter tankard a potinger and candlestick  0‑1‑3
3 pewter dishes  0‑4‑6
6 trenchers a plate of wood 2 bowls a pail and a tub  0‑3‑3
3 stands and pots a pot hand basin and a basket  0‑3‑6
3 chairs 2 cushions a stool and a cupboard  0‑5‑8
SUBTOTAL  5‑12‑8
Debts owing to the said Agnes Townson deceased17‑16‑11
Funeral expenses  7‑5‑5