A note from Walter Duncan Park

I am a regular visitor to this website. I have previously read “A Note from Edwin Bowlas” and we have been in contact and are related. I also have a copy of “Cameos of Crosthwaite and Lyth ‘The Damson Valley’” signed by one of the co-authors; some of my relatives are mentioned in this book.

I am Walter Duncan Park born 1937, in Blackburn, Lancashire. I am trying to add to my family tree. I am using the “My Heritage” computer program. I have over 1400 people in my tree, mainly on my maternal side, but there are many gaps in the PARK side of the ancestors. I am looking for help in adding to this side of my family.

Robert Walter Park c1907

Robert Walter Park c1907

My father was Walter Park (1912 – 1990) Born Chorley, Lancashire, England.

His father was Robert Walter Park (1881 – 1961) Born Milnthorpe. He was a well known Cumberland & Westmorland style wrestler (I have some of his trophies). He had an illegitimate daughter with his sister-in-law and on his death near Southport, it was discovered that he had another family.

My great grandfather was George Park (1853 – 1931); he was at one time licensee of the Plough Inn, Crosthwaite & Lyth.

His father was Thomas Park (1808 – 1883).

His father was John Park (1779 - 1857).

His father was Richard Park (c1759 - ?).

The majority of the PARK family that I have been able to trace come from the Kendal area. It would appear that the majority of the PARK males had more than one wife, resulting in half brothers and sisters.

I would be grateful if anyone reading this could provide any progress beyond John & Richard Park, and I am also interested in the brothers and sisters of Robert Walter and their families, names, dates of births, marriages and deaths would be helpful.

Thank you in advance,

Walter Duncan Park