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Rob Petley-Jones (of Natural England) led a mid-summer walk in 2011. He pointed out that we all notice change but we also forget; he suggested that photographs are taken occasionally from the same vantage points around the Township Plantation and Allotment to provide a visual record of changes to the woodland habitat. Further discussion suggested that such a photo record could be included as a gallery on the Parish Website.

I decided to photograph the areas that had been coppiced rather than general views throughout the Plantation. The coppiced area show much more noticeable changes year-on-year in comparison to the established woodland.

The approximate locations and direction of the camera of each photograph is shown on the 'location plan' below; clicking on the points on location plan will provide pictures of the coppice areas for 2011 and 2012. Each location shows the name of the person responsible for coppicing and date when the locations were cleared. It is likely that I have got some of the dates wrong and the locations may need 'tinkering' with. Please advise me of any errors and also any other areas/locations that you think merit consideration

The photographs were taken on a bright sunny day at the end of June which were proably not ideal for providing a photographic record but I trust are adequate.

A hazy but sunny day that gave much better images with far less contrast taken as far as possible from the same location as 2011.

I have yet to photograph the slug but click here for some pictures and a bit of information on the Ash-grey Slug or Limax cinereoniger.

John Sceal

Click on the location on the plan below to go to relevant pages and photo record.


1. Gilberks Quarry coppiced by John and Jean Sceal 2005
2. Tony and Heather Marshall 2008
3. Patrick Boggan 2005
4. Tony and Heather Mashall 2009
5. Tony and Heath Marshall 2010
6. John and Jean Sceal 2006
7. John and Jean Sceal 2007
8. John and Jean Sceal 2008
9. John and Jean Sceal 2009/10/11
10. Barnie Sykes 2008
11. Garry Parsons 2008
12. Garry Parsons 2009
13. Garry Parsons 2010
14. Garry Parsons 2010
15. Garry Parsons 2007
16. Tony and Heather Marshall 2012

P. Panorama