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Jubilee Wood, Crosthwaite

How it all Began

In 2011 the parish Council were debating what to do with the parcel of land over the clapper bridge off the Starnthwaite road.

At the same time the Woodland trust, of which I am a member, had come up with an idea to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Anniversary in 2012. They were offering to Communities across the land, bundles of 100 saplings free of charge, in a choice of 5 different species groups. In with each bundle was an Oak tree which had been raised from an acorn from one of Her Majesties' Forests. That tree is sited on the edge of the cross walkway behind the bench, which was kindly donated by Judy Goodland.

I put the idea to the Parish Council and they were in favour, so I ordered a pack for the clapperbridge field. Our choice was to match in with species native to this area and included, rowan, hazel, oak, blackthorn (planted by the children from the village school), silver birch and hawthorn. The saplings to be delivered in March/April 2012.

Prior to delivery John Walker, who worked for the Forestry Commission, enlisted the help of John Grindly, contractor of this parish, who came along with his small excavator and dug out all the planting holes, free of charge, and helped John Walker to put in the sturdy posts. We were grateful to them both.

Villagers had been invited to participate in our planting by selecting a tree of their choice and planting it where they pleased. Help was available for those who wanted it.

So on 17th March the big "Plant" began with plenty of volunteers arriving and making it a pleasant social day. John Walker felt that no wood was complete without a Walnut tree, so he had brought one to plant along with the Horse Chestnut and two Cherries. At the end of our day there were a few trees left over and no holes to put them in. Panic. Richard Rose saved the day and allowed us to put these orphans in the triangle over the style.

Over the years we have lost a small number of trees but these have been replaced with either oaks or silver birch. Approximately 12 more oaks have been slotted in.

My thanks to the many people who have helped over the years by watering trees, cutting back rampant raspberries, erecting the bench and putting stones on the right hand path.

Doug Blair.

17th March 2012

Watch Jim Bownass's video at the planting of Jubilee Wood

10th June 2021

On June 10th, Robert Sykes, Douglas Blair, Mary Harkness and Judy Goodland planted an oak tree for the Duke of Edinburgh in Jubilee Wood two steps behind the one we planted for the Queen nearly 10 years ago. Accompanying were Peter Hallas, Penny Blair, Jean Sherratt and Mary Choiseul (who took the photos). Douglas Blair donated the tree. A plaque will be added at a later date. The Jubilee Wood, which belongs to The Parish Council, is thriving. Do rest awhile on the bench beneath the Queen’s Oak and enjoy the developing woodland.

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Photographs by Mary Choiseul

In the group photo, we have in the back row from the left, Douglas Blair, Robert Sykes, Jean Sherratt & Penny Blair. In the front row, from the left, Mary Harkness, Judy Goodland & Peter Hallas.